StandFore FS integrated front-end platform for banking is an innovative approach to bank customer service.


  • flexible integration
  • customer segmentation and targeting
  • multi‑channel management
  • customized interface
  • responsive design


Featured Cases

Reasons to select StandFore FS platform for Retail Banking


1Cut time‑to‑market for the new functionality

  • Convenient platform architecture allows quick functionality changes
  • Creation of dynamic client scenarios with no code modification
  • No need to involve third‑party providers for platform upgrades and customizations

2-4 weeks time is enough for the new functionality to appear on the market


2Omnichannel approach brings benefit

Omni- and multi-channel approach allows banks to mitigate integration risks, improve reliability and avoid expenses for support and maintenance of several platforms.

The modular structure of the platform enables building the best solution, which is 100% adapted for integration with the bank’s existing infrastructure.


3Superior UI/UX experience

  • Customizable interface: end users can tailor web and mobile interfaces to their specific needs
  • “Widget-based store” allows banks to add new page components
  • Responsive design, automatic page rendering across multiple devices (including mobile devices)
  • Graphic theme support

4In-house development option & Expenses cut‑down

  • Source code ownership allows banks to make in‑house system improvements with no third‑parties involved
  • Detailed documentation and SDK
  • Flexible vendor support system

Due to the unique platform architecture and source code ownership, banks can independently implement new functionality, thus effectively managing in‑house development team’s efforts


5Increased sales

Integrated digital marketing system

  • Effective business interaction with the customer
    • User profile storage (personal data and CRM data)
    • Behavioral analysis
    • Customer profile segmentation
    • Content targeting
    • Cross selling
  • Reporting and tracking of the promotion channels effectiveness
  • Notification and banner management

6Engaging new customers and retaining current ones

  • Virtual Branch allows smooth transition of visitors into real clients
  • Targeted communication increases loyalty
  • User behavior analysis & statistics

7Efficient licensing scheme

  • No per‑user licensing
  • No per‑server / per‑processor licensing
  • One‑time purchase – no yearly licensing payments
  • Optional technical support

Solution Ecosystem

Client Modules

Standfore online

Secure and reliable web access to bank products and services (Online Bank)

Standfore mobile

Easy remote access to bank products and services from all major mobile phones and tablets (Mobile Bank)

Standfore PFM

Effective personal finance management and planning

Standfore portal

Unique solution to convert a standard banking website into effective selling tool (Virtual Branch)

Business online

Secure and reliable web access to bank products and services for corporate clients

Business mobile

Easy remote access to bank products and corporate services from mobile devices

Technical core

Standfore auth

Authentication & Authorisation Center with support of OTPs, hardware tokens, MAC and other.

Standfore integration

A wide set of adapters and protocols to enable quick and easy integration with backend systems (core banking, CRM, processing, ESBs)

Standfore gateway

Integration gateway and a set of interfaces to connect third-party services

Standfore operation

Scenario-driven business operations management mechanism (inbound BPM).

Management console

Standfore analysis

Statistics & Reporting module with flexible analysis tools

Standfore DMS

User behavior analysis, marketing campaign management, customer segmentation and content targeting — Digital Marketing System

Standfore CMS

Integrated Content Management System to manage different types of e‑banking content (products, news, offers, articles, and etc.)

Standfore Security

Security Officer dashboard to analyze system operations, transactions and events. Efficient in‑depth system security monitoring



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