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The Future of Money: 5 Steps To Keep Your Bank Up-to-Date

To keep pace with technological trends, banks should have an open mind regarding digital innovations. The banking industry has always tended to be conservative. Banks are usually very careful with any kinds of experimentations.  At the same time, they can’t ignore them completely. We have chosen five steps that banks will have to take in […]


Valery Tikhonovich

Deputy CEO

Things To Consider Before Launching PFM

A PFM app that really works should not only be an amusing toy for a client, but be a means of selling of this very product to this particular client, in this particular time. In this post, I will try to outline the actual capabilities and restrictions of personal finance management systems.


Alexander Arabey

Director of Business Development

Monetization Of Modern E-Banking Systems

During the last decade, banks applied IT solutions to a broad range of back and front office tasks in addition to a huge number of new products. Digital banking systems do not only enhance performance of bank branches and cut down customer service costs, but also improve the quality and level of customer service and assist in business development.


Alexey Kulikov

Qulix Russia CEO

Mobile Bank. 4 Steps For Successful Implementation

2011 was called the year of internet banking. However modern users are looking for something more sophisticated than making basic transactions online. That’s why some banks have already introduced respective mobile apps. I don’t think I’ll be much mistaken if I call 2012 the year of mobile banking. Quite a few branch representatives were compelled to follow these new standards.


Valery Tikhonovich

Deputy CEO