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Bank 2.0: No Time To Rest On Your Laurels


Valery Tikhonovich

Deputy CEO

The rapid development of remote banking services and tough competition for active users force banks to look for new approaches to attract and retain clients. Applying Bank 2.0 principles for improving the existing front end banking systems is one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage.

The 2.0 concept allows content to be adapted and for a high level of user interaction through interface configuration, automatic content customization based on user category, links to social media and targeted calls to action.

Essentially, the concept is built around two main principles – a responsive interface and an interactive client experience. Most market players – both banks and solution providers– associate the Bank 2.0 concept with portals and interfaces. However, we should recognize that portals and interfaces form only a part of the concept and banks need to go that extra mile. The next major step is the introduction of an intellectual user interaction system (e.g. hints, tips, product recommendations, visualization and analysis tools, etc).This additional step creates a real opportunity to gain clients and protect existing ones.

We at Qulix are trying to think ahead and offer an integrated approach to empowering banks with the means to deliver remote retail services in a guaranteed, stable environment. Our state-of-the-art front-end platform for remote banking has taken the best from the Backbase CXP and Figlo Platform. It modernizes the user experience of aging internet systems, transforms outdated graphical interfaces and increases real-time communication and collaboration between banking institutions and their clients.