Administrative Portal

Ultimate e-banking management & control via Administrative Portal

  • Central management interface
  • Multiple roles access
  • Real-time reporting
  • Advanced marketing tools
The StandFore FS platform for banking comes with a set of interfaces that provide tools for monitoring and management of remote customer service channels.

StandFore CMSUnified content management system

The module is designed for the platform content management and ensures the unity of content on all connected banking channels (Omni-Channel content delivery).

  • Management and storage of static content (text, graphics, articles, news) including localization support
  • Management of different business data - payment recipients, financial goals categories, bank product description, and so on.
  • Basis for connection of external platform modules, such as DMS, Security, Analysis.
  • Common platform settings - events logging rules, UI/UX themes management, and so forth.

StandFore DMSAdaptive Digital Marketing System

The main purpose is to provide a set of marketing tools to personalize customer experience and to enforce cross-sale and up-sale strategies.

  • Marketing Content management - description of products, news, messages, banners.
  • Promotion of products - customer segments management and import, content targeting, product promotion campaigns
  • Detailed real-time statistic reports on the promotion of products
  • Collection of behavioral statistics and its usage in refining product promotion strategies

StandFore SecurityA central interface for Security Officer

The module is the main controlling interface for a bank Information Security officers providing efficient tools to manage and monitor user operations and visits.

  • Operations
  • Audit
  • Sessions management
  • User accounts management
  • Anti-Fraud integration

StandFore AnalysisCentral Reporting Engine

The module is used to provide customized and detailed deep-dive reports on all aspects of e-banking channels operations.

  • A number of comprehensive pre-defined reports for management decisions
  • Real-time behavioral statistics analysis
  • Integration with leading BI systems

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