Retail Digital Banking

Superior digital user experience and personalized approach to each bank.

  • Unified user experience across digital channels
  • Easy to use
  • Improved integration
  • Quick functionality extension
  • Customizable UI

User Interaction Channels


Online Banking

Web access via StandFore Online

Mobile Banking

Delivering services on the basis of StandFore Mobile

Bank Portal

Virtual Branch based on StandFore Portal

Front Office

Bank Branch  automation via StandFore FrontOffice

Features Matrix

Bank offers

Cards, Loans, Deposits, Safety deposit box, Product assistant, Loans and deposits calculator, Loans repayment schedule, Product comparison, Product orders

Client products

e‑Wallets, Accounts, Statements, Cards, Loans, Deposits, Precious metal storage accounts, Safe deposit boxes, Bonuses and gift cards, and etc.

Payments and transfers

Payments, P2P, A2A and other Transfers, Invoices, Templates, Currency exchange, Transactions history, Reports

Smart money (PFM)

Budgets, Expenses, Income, Goals, Reports, Finances overview and forecasting, Rules and categories management, Smart adviser, and etc.

Friends and non-clients

Friends list, Invitations, Transfers to non‑clients (guests) using phone number or email, Messaging, Shared savings, and etc.


Session timeout, User interface (lists, widgets settings), Notifications, Limits, Allowed IPs, and etc.

Events log

System non-payment activity log:
User login / logout, User data modification (templates, personal data and more), System messages (including error reports), and etc.

User profile

Available funds, Personal data (email, phone, and etc.), Contact information, Messages, Multi-profiles, and etc.


Registration, Customizable authentication rules, Password recovery


Guides, FAQ, Context help, Start guide, Online consultant

Targeted sales

Segmentation, Promotional campaigns, Tracking of marketing campaign performance, Ad banner management, Content display settings management, User behaviour profile, Marketing report.


News, ATM and branch locations with advanced search filter by service or distance, Exchange rates

Figures & Facts


More than 10 million individuals using the platform


Over 50 million transactions per year


15 banks using the platform


~ 1 million dollars is invested each year in R&D


Alexander ArabeyDirector of Business Development

We have a vast experience in delivering digital banking solutions. Our company is aware of the world’s leading retail banking trends, best-practices and business benefits of various approaches. As a part of StandFore FS we implement a lot of ideas and innovations in the sphere of customer service.

Management Console

StandFore FS includes efficient instruments to adjust Retail e-banking strategy. It provides a set of tools for platform administration, content management, product promotion, event monitoring and data mining.


Standfore analysis

Statistics & Reporting module with flexible analysis tools

Standfore DMS

User behavior analysis, marketing campaign management, customer segmentation and content targeting — Digital Marketing System

Standfore CMS

Integrated Content Management System to manage different types of e‑banking content (products, news, offers, articles, and etc.)

Standfore Security

Security Officer dashboard to analyze system operations, transactions and events. Efficient in‑depth system security monitoring

Technical Overview

The solution is based on cutting-edge technology stack and adjustable service-oriented architecture which provides high scalability, top-class performance results and easy maintenance. Platform middleware includes all necessary components for easy back-end integration, business process management, multi-factor authentication, and etc.

Standfore auth

Authentication & Authorisation Center with support of OTPs, hardware tokens, MAC and other.

Standfore integration

A wide set of adapters and protocols to enable quick and easy integration with backend systems (core banking, CRM, processing, ESBs)

Standfore gateway

Integration gateway and a set of interfaces to connect third-party services

Standfore operation

Scenario-driven business operations management mechanism (inbound BPM).