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Qulix At iFin-2013

13th International Forum iFin-2013 ‘Electronic Financial Services and Technologies’ was held at Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow on 5-6 February. The event was supported by The Association of Russian Banks and The Russian National Association of Securities Market Participants (NAUFOR). Qulix Systems participated in the exhibition running as part of the Forum.

The hosts expected this year’s iFin to become the most impressive and attended over the 13-year history of the forum, which is exactly what happened. Such interest to the event testifies to the boom at the Russian market of electronic finances. Qulix banking solutions were presented next to the solutions and services offered by 46 leading Russian and foreign companies, among them – software and hardware developers, consulting companies and service providers.

iFin-2013 brought together 670 participants with 87 per cent representing banks and financial companies. This year’s event caught the attention of a great number of bank top managers. This happened due to the fact that bank customers become more and more interested in remote services subsequent to the development of infrastructure and the growing demand in handy up-to-date services. Today, showing commitment to the electronic financial market is one of the crucial aspects of the business strategy pursued by financial institutions.

Over the two days the forum was running Qulix members incessantly talked about the features and advantages of the intellectual platform for remote banking services, offered forum participants to view the demo version of Personal Finance Manager App, Mobile Banking App and Internet Banking Solution, answered questions and took part in discussions of recent trends in remote banking solutions market. And of course, Qulix continued the tradition of giving sweet treats and branded antistress cubes to visitor to our stand. Business events such as this forum generally come up to expectations being a good source of professional communication and referrals, as well as an effective business development tool.

Qulix iFin-2013

Summarizing the results of iFin-2013, event hosts claim that we are witnesses to the coming of an important breakthrough in the electronic financial services market when the growing volume of electronic transactions and customers turning to remote services can develop into a fundamentally different, higher quality of financial service. Forum participants, Qulix among them, presented the technological achievements that will allow this development to take place before long.

Qulix thanks all participants of iFin-2013 for the good time we shared and for the interest in our company. See you next year!