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Qulix At iFin-2014

The International Forum iFin ‘Electronic Financial Services and Technologies’ has just finished its 14th meeting in Moscow. As stated in the official press release, the forum has once again summoned all the most noticeable players of the Russian electronic financial services market. Year after year the event broadens its geography and the number of attendees: the 14th iFin welcomed about 600 representatives of banks and financial institutions who came from Moscow, St. Petersburg and more than 50 Russian and foreign cities and towns. Event hosts point that there are a growing number of specialised bank divisions responsible for development of infrastructure and creation of new electronic financial services, whose managers start to frequent the forum.

iFin is the first major IT banking event of the year and is perhaps among the biggest of similar events organised anywhere in the world, which makes it an attractive platform for developers of remote banking solutions. Each event is full of announcements of new technologies and products that will be capturing the attention of banking specialists throughout the following year, at the very least. Qulix has yet again sponsored the event and took part in the business conference and developers fair.

Qulix at iFin-2014_2

Our stand was popular with the public who formed queues to treat themselves to fortune cookies, grab some branded antistress cubes and, most importantly, learn more about the StandFore FS solution. Developed by Qulix, StandFore FS integrated front end platform for banking provides a set of channels and applications for remote services such as internet banking, mobile banking, personal finance manager, virtual office, etc.

Company experts talked about the features and advantages of the platform, shared their knowledge and experience with colleagues, explored new ideas, found new partners and potential customers. Post-forum work is in progress and there are many follow-up meetings, negotiations and presentations scheduled.

The reports made by Valery Tikhonovich, Deputy CEO of Qulix, and Alexey Kulikov, CEO of Qulix Russia, were of great interest to the public. Detailed summaries of their presentations will soon appear on our website.

Valery Tikhonovich at iFin-2014

‘This year’s iFin was topical, interesting and informative. It was an exciting time for all of us. We listened to some inspiring speakers and networked with colleagues from across all IT banking sectors. We’ll be reviewing the final results of the event in a month or so, in the meantime I can positively say that the two months of preparations were not spent in vain. Forum guests showed keen interest in our solutions. The queue to our stand built up after presentations made by Valery Tikhonovich and Alexey Kulikov – bank managers were willing to learn more about Qulix’ products and services. As it is the case with most events lasting for several days, the flow of visitors on the first day was large but slowed down a little on the second day,’ comments Maria Bogdanova, business development manager.

The main conclusion brought about by forum discussions is that banking on the phone, once a mere trend, is now among classic and essential banking services without which most banks cannot serve their customers or develop their business.

Qulix would like to extend thanks and appreciation to the hosts, participants and guests of iFin-2014. See you next year!