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Qulix Enters New Markets

As part of its strategy to expand into new European markets, Qulix opened representative offices in Estonia and Finland in December 2014. Andrew Maximenko was appointed Chief Representative of both the offices.

For the past few years Qulix has been in a successful partnership with one of the largest software service integrators in the Baltics and Scandinavia. Hence, the company is well versed on the software needs of businesses operating in this region, and on matters of the local market. The growing interest in Qulix’ services and solutions shown by the Baltic and Scandinavian companies encouraged the initiative to create offices in Estonia and Finland even more.

“The entire development process will be taking place in Minsk as before, however this deepened presence in Estonian and Finnish markets will help Qulix to drive more effective sales and to be closer to our Baltic and Scandinavian customers and partners. We believe, will be able to simplify most of the agreement making processes, provide faster feedback to inquiries, and arrange regular personal meetings,” says Andrew Maximenko.

At the moment the company has representative offices in four countries (Russia, Estonia, Finland, Great Britain). Qulix’ software development centre is located in Belarus.