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Qulix Systems At MobiFinance 2014

The fourth annual MobiFinance conference organized by the Association of Russian Banks, the ‘iFin Media’ company and the non-for-profit National Council of Financial Market was held in Moscow on 22 April 2014.

The mini-exhibition running as part of the event showcased technologies, services and solutions of 13 leading companies from Russia and abroad. The conference attracted more than 300 participants, including leading experts of Russian and foreign banks, mobile network operators, electronic and mobile payment system operators, banking hardware and software developers, service providers.

The conference once again evidenced that the topic of mobile financial technologies and services continues to gain relevance. The volume of mobile payments in Russia keeps growing by 35-45% every year. An increasing amount of internet traffic continues to originate from mobile devices and it is only expected to grow further as the number of smartphones and tablets overtakes the number of traditional PCs and laptops. Hence, the demand for convenient mass financial services accessible from mobile devices grows together with the number of remote banking transactions.mobifinance-2014-1

‘This year’s MobiFinance brought together lots of banking professionals who did not so much take interest in the solutions presented, as closely follow the events in the conference room. Most banks already have remote banking systems with a standard set of features and the competition in the remote banking arena is gaining intensity. Banks are putting a lot of effort into sustaining a positive image in the marketplace and try to be aware of competitors’ activities; hence they cautiously plan system updates and implementation of new software solutions. The conference featured quite a number of interesting talks and presentations. It is good to see how banks are conscious of the problems of their business development, trying to take a practical view of the political situation in the world and giving customers greater confidence in the future. Meanwhile we, developers of banking software, shall be doing our best to help banks provide more convenient services,’ says Maria Bogdanova, business development manager.mobifinance-2014-2

As in previous years, much attention was paid to practical aspects of using modern mobile technologies in the financial sector. Representatives of leading players in the mobile payments market thoroughly discussed it in their reports and presentations. Valery Tikhonovich of Qulix Systems shared secrets of boosting profits and taking business to the next level through the use of virtual office services.

The current state of technology already allows banks to regularly use mobile services to promote sales of their services, and there are some fine examples of these practices, but it requires banks to develop a more attentive and personalized approach to identifying and satisfying customer needs. However, MobiFinance speakers and hosts admit that the evolution of mobile financial services in Russia is nearing the point at which we will be able to see how growing quantitative indicators will turn into a qualitative market breakthrough.

We would like to extend our usual thanks to all participants and guests. Let’s meet at MobiFinance 2015!