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StandFore FS Introduced To Ukrainian Market

Qulix Systems and the Innora company announced the start of promotion of the StandFore FS banking platform to the Ukrainian market.

Developed by Qulix, StandFore FS integrated front end platform for banking incorporates the following subsystems:

  • Internet banking
  • mobile banking
  • virtual office
  • integration gateway
  • other innovative banking modules

Key features of the StandFore platform include:

  • flexible integration
  • customer segmentation and targeting
  • multi-channel administration
  • customizable interface (widgets)
  • modern design automatically adjusted to different platforms
  • touch screen support

The crucial feature of the solution offered by Qulix is that, rather than being a blunt tool for completing routine tasks, remote banking services become the core of financial management and planning.

Helping customers find answers to everyday questions like ‘How much money do I have?’, ‘How do I spend it?’, ‘Am I keeping to my monthly spending plan?’ will make your bank stand out from the rest, turning it from an aloof financial expert into a friend and experienced helpmate who can calculate likely money saving scenarios, provide investment advice, select the best product according to the needs of the customer, etc.

Innora will offer consulting services, architecture design, solution implementation and integration with existing banking systems.

‘Remote banking used to be nothing but a trend, now it belongs to the list of classic banking services that are essential for serving bank customers and developing banking business. On the other hand, development of unique remote banking systems today is hardly attractive even for big customers. We tried to respond to our customers’ wishes. Having analysed existing remote banking solutions, we decided upon partnership with Qulix whose product opens up exceptional opportunities of intellectual interaction with the end user and is a comprehensive architectural solution for providing end users with a set of channels and applications for remote banking services,’ comments Irene Fal, Director of Sales and Marketing at Innora.

‘Ukraine bulks large in our company’s marketing plans. Ukrainian banks send us regular requests for platform implementation and local support representation. After setting up a joint development programme with a partner like Innora we are ready to answer both these requests,’ says Alexander Arabey, Director of Business Development at Qulix.